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PURE ENERGY REIKI - Promoting Balance and Well-Being through Energy

Animal Reiki

Animals have ALWAYS been a passion of mine, and to be able to help heal them in any way is an honor.  I have been a member of the humane society for 39 years, as well as numerous other animal organizations such as PETA, Farm Sanctuary, HSUS, ASPCA, World Wildlife Fund, as well as a supporter of several local shelters.  I was also a foster mom for cats for over a decade (my husband doesn't think I know the meaning of "foster"haha).  

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Reiki provides all the same benefits to animals as it does to humans.  Cats in particular LOVE Reiki and often come around when it is being given.  

Horses respond deeply to Reiki energy because they are very intuitive animals and are completely connected both to nature and their immediate environment.  They are naturally  emotional animals, and they benefit immensely from Reiki treatments. Usually within ten minutes after the start of a treatment the horse will become very relaxed.  Its head may droop, and its eyes may close.  After a resting period the horse will have an increased feeling of well-being.  Even if your horse is well, a Reiki session will relax him or her.  

**In my experience working with horses, Reiki sessions tend to run 10-30 minutes, with the horse taking brief breaks at times by moving away.  It has also been my experience that horses position themselves relative to where they want to be healed if they are experiencing pain or discomfort. 

Reiki can be given without direct contact. I have had horses stand directly in front of my hands at first, but then come over to me and make contact by pushing their body against my hands.  I always let the animal control each session.  It's so amazing to gain their trust and be allowed to help them!!

Initial session $25
Additional sessions priced on a scale from $20-$40 depending on the animal's interest and response

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