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I never had been before, and wanted to try it out. Very indescribable experience. It was something I have never felt before. Waves of energy throughout my body. Tingling in my head, hands, and feet. It was spiritually, emotionally, and mentally uplifting. When l got up after the session was over, my body and mind felt heavy with vibrations and enlightenment. I would recommend that you go and see Natasha, and experience something new and amazing.
May 26th, 2016

Natasha is the best at what she does!! I've gone to her multiple times and I will continue to go to her! She has helped my body and soul in many ways. She truly has a gift
August 12, 2015

It was a wonderful experience. Very relaxing.
October 24, 2014

Unexpected profound healing. Reiki never did much for me in the past so I was really doubtful when I went to Natasha. I only went because I was desperate and had tried everything else - both western medicine and woo-woo healing arts. I deal with physical issues related to Lyme and Fibromyalgia. For a year I couldn't close my hands into fists due to arthritis in my hands from the Lyme and it was getting worse. Just hours after the first session with Natasha (and in spite of my cynical thoughts), I was able to close my left hand completely and close 80% of my right hand. I was shocked, my doctor was shocked (and wrote down Natasha's info), and of course Natasha was very happy for me. This is a true story. I live locally in the Pioneer Valley and I have no connection to Natasha other than my appointments with her. She does have a real gift (not every Reiki practitioner does) and I highly recommend her. Jaime M 
October 11, 2012

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