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dalaispeaksThe human body contains hundreds of locations where there is focused and concentrated energy. There are, however, seven major energy centers, commonly referred to as "chakras." Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means "wheel." The chakras are similar to wheels in that they are spinning vortexes of energy. They are centers of force located within our etheric body, through which we receive, transmit, and process life energies.

The main purpose in working with and understanding the chakras is to create integration and wholeness within ourselves. Ultimately, we begin to recognize that the various aspects of ourselves all work together, and that each aspect is as much a part of the whole as the others. 

reiki posterEach chakra in the body is recognized as a focal point for life-force relating to spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental energies. The chakras are the network through which the mind, body, and spirit interact as one holistic system. The seven major chakras correspond to specific aspects of our consciousness and have their own individual characteristics and functions. Each has a corresponding relationship to one of the various glands of the body's endocrine system, as well as to one of the seven colors of the rainbow spectrum.

The chakras are doorways for our consciousness through which emotional, mental, and spiritual force flow into physical expression. They are openings through which our attitudes and belief systems enter into and create our mind/body structure. The energy created from our emotional and mental attitudes runs through the chakras and is distributed to our cells, tissues and organs. Understanding this brings tremendous insight into how we ourselves affect our bodies, minds, and circumstances for better or for worse.

To understand the chakras and their relationship to our consciousness, is to better understand ourselves. Understanding ourselves will enable us to make our choices and decisions from a place of balance and awareness, rather than being blindly influenced by forces we do not understand.

Detailed Chakra Information


LOCATION : Base of the spine (coccyx)
COLOR : Red (secondary color is black)
FUNCTIONS : Gives vitality to the physical body. Life-force survival, self-preservation, instincts.
GLANDS/ORGANS : Adrenals, kidneys, spinal column, legs bones.
QUALITIES/LESSONS: Matters relating to the material world, success. The physical body, mastery of the body. Grounding, individuality, stability, security, stillness, health, courage, patience.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Self-centered, insecurity, violence, greed, anger.

sacral1SECOND CHAKRA: NAVEL CHAKRA (Sacral Plexus)
LOCATION: Lower abdomen to navel area
COLOR : Orange
FUNCTIONS: Procreation, assimilation of food, physical force and vitality, sexuality.
GLANDS/ORGANS: Ovaries, testicles, prostrate gland, genitals, spleen, womb, bladder.
QUALITIES/LESSONS: Giving and receiving, receiving, emotions, desire, pleasure, sexual/passionate love, change, movement, assimilation of new ideas. Health, family tolerance, surrender. Working harmoniously and creatively with others.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Over-indulgence in food or sex. Sexual difficulties. Confusion, purposelessness. Jealousy, envy, desire to possess.

LOCATION: below the breastbone and behind the stomach.
COLOR: Golden Yellow.
FUNCTIONS: It is the center of personal power, ambition, intellect, astral force, desire, and emotions based on intellect and touch.
GLANDS/ORGANS: Pancreas, liver, digestive tract, stomach,
liver, spleen, gall bladder, autonomic nervous system.
QUALITIES/LESSONS: Transforming, Shaping, Purifying, Shaping of Being, Mental Energy.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Perfectionism, Control over Self Vs. Others, Self-Critical Thoughts, Frustration, Anxiety.

LOCATION: Center of chest, at level of heart.
COLOR: Green (secondary color is pink).
FUNCTIONS: It is the center which vitalizes the heart, thymus, circulatory system, blood, cellular structure, and involuntary muscles.
GLANDS/ORGANS: Heart, ribs, chest cavity, lower lungs, blood, circulatory system, skin, hands, thymus.
QUALITIES/LESSONS: The center of compassion, love, group consciousness, and spirituality associated with a "oneness" with "all that is." It provides for a desegregation between the loving energy of the heart and the analytical energy of the intellect. God Connection. Able to give and receive without giving. Open to change, new ideas. Coping with loss. Balance.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Self-abandonment, fear, sadness, anger, resentment, jealousy, hostility.

LOCATION: Neck, throat area above collar bone.
COLOR: blue
ELEMENT: The higher expression of all signs.
FUNCTIONS: Communication center, acting to provide the energy for, and the understanding of, both verbal and mental communications.
GLANDS/ORGANS: Thyroid gland, throat and jaw areas, alimentary canal, lungs, vocal cords, and the breath.
QUALITIES/LESSONS: The gateway to the Higher Consciousness and the gateway through which the emotions contained on the heart must pass to become balanced and harmonized. Open, clear communication of feelings and thoughts. Creativity, speaking up, releasing, healing.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Uptight, low self-esteem, low self confidence, hostility, anger, resentment.

LOCATION: Between and about one finger-breadth above the eyebrows.
COLOR: Indigo
ELEMENT: The higher expression of all signs.
FUNCTIONS: The center of psychic power, higher intuition, the energies of the spirit, magnetic forces, and light. Clairvoyance, healing addictions.
GLANDS/ORGANS: Pituitary gland, cerebellum, ears, nose, sinuses, eyes, central nervous system.
QUALITIES/LESSONS: Higher consciousness, emotional and spiritual love center, spiritual inner sight, clairvoyance. When balanced, the mind (right hemisphere) and brain (left hemisphere) function in a unified field. Insight ensues and its practical application becomes a daily occurrence. It also assists in the purification of negative tendencies and in the elimination of selfish attitudes.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Worry, hysteria, stress, fear, shock, irritation, depression, headaches, speech and weight problems.

LOCATION: Crown of head.
COLOR: Violet.
ELEMENT: The higher expression of all elements.
FUNCTION: The center of spirituality, enlightenment, dynamic thought and energy. It is the center which vitalizes the cerebrum, the right eye, and the pineal gland.
GLANDS/ORGANS: Pineal gland, cerebrum.
QUALITIES/LESSONS: It allows for the inward flow of wisdom from the ethers and brings the gift of cosmic consciousness. When stimulated and clear, it enables one to see the truth concerning illusory ideals, materialistic pursuits, self-limiting concepts, pride, and vanity; it further allows one to experience continuous self-awareness and conscious detachment from personal emotions. Compassion, seeing self in others, Peacefulness, oneness.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Confusion, anxiety, stress.

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